Decatur Mart/Channel Letter Sign

Decatur Mart was a brand new store with close by competitors and our client needed to stand out and make a big impact with the local community. So we created a sign with an identity that would resonate with the neighborhood with illuminated channel letters.

Food Court/Channel Letter Sign
 With our client only a few blocks away from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana we wanted to reach out to the local students attending the university and surrounding area. Food Court was a great fit to name the sign to connect with the school atmosphere.
Jackson Mart/Substrate Sign
The Jackson Mart substrate sign is located on Jackson St. in Anderson, Indiana. What better way to pull in street traffic and adopt the local community then this entry way sign. Store front signs are an open invitation to your business make sure your signage is saying something.
Pam's Threading/Corrugated Sign 

Pam's Threading Place is an eyebrow and facial hair removal company located on the corner of a busy intersection. Looking to earn some of the street traffic we needed to design a custom vinyl board sign with a simple message that could be read from fast moving traffic.